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April 2015

We are delighted to announce that the brand new cafe ‘The Cliffe Cafe’ is now open. 9.00 - 3.00 7 days a week. Gina is serving breakfasts, lunches, kids meals, tea & cake and great coffee, not only with a smile but also with a fantastic view over the nature reserve, free parking, toilets and baby change area. Art work and gifts will be on exhibition and sale also.

The Reserve

The Glow worms were spotted again last year, in July just after dusk along the north side of the reserve. They are fascinating insects, not like worms at all but more like a small beetle. Glow worms eggs even glow, all be it slightly. The young larvae take between 1 – 2 years to become adult glow worms, and spend their time eating small snails. Female adult glow worms glow when they are trying to attract a mate; the males don’t glow but can fly, so seek out a mate that way. Adults don’t have jaws so don’t eat, thus only live for up to 14 days! For more info on glow worms look at www.glowworms.org.uk

Also spotted last summer....a very large puss moth caterpillar. Approx the size of an adult’s smallest finger! They eat willow and poplar, which there are plenty of at the lakes. They have the toughest cocoon of any other UK moth. They spend the winter within this cocoon and then hatch out in the spring. 

Daubenton's and pippistrelle bats enjoy eating midges and moths around the reserve during year, we do organise bat walks during the summer months, please email us for more information.

There is  a 1.5 mile circular walk with a large 'all weather' bird hide and cliff top 'look out' platforms. Picnic benches are spaced at intervals round the walk, so why not make an afternoon of it? Well behaved dogs on leads are welcome. Adults £2.50, children £1.50, under 5's free.

The Fishery

The rudd this year are fantastic, 4lb's is the top weight so far.........beautiful condition fish too.

The SPECIMIN LAKE is maturing nicely now. It is well stocked with a great range of good looking 11 – 30lb fish. There are pictures of the recent catches in the fishery office. The  catches are getting better and better so come along and give it a go…..one bite and you’ll be hooked!

The mixed coarse lake has been topped up with over 100 common and mirror carp of 3lb each in weight. These have been supplied from Lincolnshire Carp Farm who are part of Olsten Trout who we regularly use for stocking our lakes. The fish from this farm are always of the highest quality and greatest sport. These additions compliment the already resident and diverse mix of perch, rudd, tench, barbel and range of carp.

We offer 1 2 1 or group coaching for fly, coarse and pike fishing at very competitive prices. We also sell gift vouchers for fishing day tickets or tuition on our coarse, trout and specimen lakes. These make ideal presents for all occasions, and now that we have credit card facilities you can order gift cards over the phone, pay and we can post them out to you. These make the perfect birthday/anniversary/thank you /father’s day/ presents.

 We now have the facility to take all major credit and debit cards at the lakes.

We are still running our offer of - buy 5 day tcikates at the lakes and get the 6th FREE! An offer not to be missed..

The facilities for disabled anglers at the fishery are fantastic with ramp access to the trout and mixed coarse lake and two large wheelchair accessible toilets. Lake side parking for blue badge holders is also available. 
New ramps

Buckland Dive Centre 

We are delighted that Janine and Tony Mansford and Nick Jackson and Chloe Latter are now running the dive centre. Please phone Janine on 07733225128 or Tony on 07748767569 or email - janine.mansford@btinternet.com or tony.mansford@btinternet.com for opening times and further information.

                                                                Divers at Buckland Lake

During our recent bird box survey we were delighted to discover that 75% of the 49 nest boxes that are positioned around the reserve have been used for nesting. 
Blue tits, Great tits and wrens have been making good use out of the ready made homes. The woodcrete boxes ‘which are made from sawdust and concrete’ were the most popular! 
Some field mice have been useing the Robin boxes ‘which are partially open fronted’ for hiding in while they eat the damson curnals and hawthorn berries, which was a lovely surprise. 

We have bird feeders set up outside the fishery office which are used a lot by sparrows, blue tits, and great spotted woodpeckers. 

Kent wildlife gold awardWe had the pleasure to attend the Kent Wildlife Trusts award ceremony to receive a gold gardening for wildlife award. This is the second time we have won gold and are delighted. It is so important to garden alongside wildlife rather than against it.

 KRAG ‘Kent Reptile and Amphibian Group’ representative Paul visited the reserve and helped us to establish tin sheet reptile habitat to encourage snakes and reptiles to do well. He is keen to put us on the map as a prime reptile site. The reptile habitat which has now been in place for two years is continually proving to be a success. There have been slow worms, grass snakes and adders all spotted spending time under the sheets.  The habitat ‘refuge’ has not only been used by reptiles as we were delighted to find out, but also by field mice who make stock piles of damson stones to eat ‘much to the delight of the mouse eating snakes!’ Plenty of ants have been building their nests under the sheeting too; including the less common orange ant.  Some large snails, voles and woodlouse have also moved in under the shelters. Please don’t life the sheets unless your with a reserve warden.

Picture below of the cygnet up-tail dabbling!

Bottoms up!

Bird count:
12 pairs of Tufted ducks, 1 Sparrow hawk, 2 collared Doves, 1 Cormorant, 6 Gold finches, 2 Green woodpeckers, 1 Grey wagtail, Great spotted woodpecker, 2 adult Swans with 1 cygnet, 1 pair of Mallards, 8 adult coots and 6 chicks, 2 Great crested Grebes with 2 chicks, a kingfisher and a Crow.

There are picnic benches around the lakes and we would like to encourage as many people to come to the reserve and have a walk and a picnic while enjoying the views across the lakes.  There are always lots of different flowers and plants to see through the year and plenty of wildlife to spot too.

Function room for hire

The building enjoys far reaching views across the fishery lakes from its wall of large windows. The white and light timber interior creates a crisp professional look which is ideal for hosting for functions of all types.
The room can hold up to 40 people when seated in rows and up to 20 when sitting at tables ‘both of which we provide for you’. The room is well lit with overhead strip lighting, a small kitchenette, water urn and gas heating. 
We can arrange catering if you require it, anything from cold buffets, breakfast baps and homemade cakes to hot meals / xmas dinner and even a BBQ by the lakes for a summer event.

Buckland Lake class room and lecture facility

The room is for hire all year round and costs from £30.00 for a half days hire and £60.00 for a full day.
There is plenty of hard surface parking right outside and the Reserve is well sign posted from the B2000. Making it an ideal location for events, meetings or family gatherings.

-We were fortunate enough to be chosen as a filming site for a zombie film last year ‘Guns, Gangsters and zombies’. There was a large cast of zombies and associated film crew for the day. Lots of gore and make up was applied and things went swimmingly!

The film ‘Guns, Gangsters and Zombies’ is now out to buy and also to watch on Netflix.  There is a trailer on utube ‘certificate 18’.  Rumours of filming for a sequel are rife....watch this space......                   

Buckland Lake is available as a filming location and what with the large lakes, isolated location, parking and facilities it makes for an ideal filming site.


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