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There are a wide range of capital projects required for the lake. The project has so far been entirely privately funded by Doug Hilton and has taken a huge amount of money to get it as far as this. Although committed to taking the development works forward, more funding will mean it can proceed at a faster pace.

We would welcome any form of gift aid, legacies and sponsorship, with a wide range of wish list items from the simple provision of a tree, bench or life saving equipment upwards.


Full recognition of any gifts made will be given and unlike many other organisations, you will be able to specify exactly where the money is to be spent.


1, New Visitor Centre Structure and equipment.
2, New Visitor Centre External Landscaping.
3, New Visitor Centre internal equipment, chairs, tables, blinds, desks safe, carpets etc
4, New Visitor Centre telephones, reserve radios
5, New Visitor Centre Kitchens
6,  New Visitor Centre services including drainage system and reed beds.
7, Toilet block and wardens accommodation.
8, Day huts and landing stages.
9, New Entry, Car parking and caravan facilities.
10, Dipping pond and educational aids.
11, Fencing.
12, Tree and Reed planting.
13, Viewing hides and pathways.
14, Quality benches and seating all round the lake.
15, Weather recording centre.
16, Reserve maintenance equipment.
17, Reserve boat and equipment.
18, Cost of maintenance.
19, New Visitor Centre Electrical supply
20, New Visitor Centre Drainage system and reed beds
21, Set up of a small visitors shop
22, 4 day huts and landing stages for the elderly or disabled
23, New caravan Certified Location area including drainage point, water point, electrical 24,connections, hard standings and planting.
25, Visitor reception Bridge, Lake and Landscaping
26, Educational publications, posters, equipment and aids.
27, Wildfowl reserve external Fencing
28, Wildfowl reserve internal Fencing and control gates
29, 4 additional acres of land around wildfowl reserve
30, Tree and Reed planting to main visitor outer lake bund (East shoreline)
31, Planting to Northern Shoreline
32, Planting to Southern Shoreline
33, Planting to Western Shoreline
34, Forming of West Cliff Path
35, North West hides
36, Forming of South Cliff Path
37, Forming South hides
38, Weather recording centre
39, Reserve maintenance equipment. Chain saws, rakes, weed cutters, shovels, rakes, forks, grass mower and catchers, ladders, ropes, container, padlocks etc
40, Insurance costs (annual)
41, Aluminum boat and outboard engine and other equipment for reserve maintenance.
42, Cost of slipways
43, Cost of Web Site
44, Legal Costs of  advice for reserve management

Many items including trees, benches, hides and pathways can be dedicated to loved ones or the donor. Full recognition of any gifts made will be given and unlike many other organizations, you will be able to specify exactly where the money is to be spent.
Contact  Doug Hilton for your requirements relating to contributions, sponsorship or dedications 01959 523523

If you are interested or can help with fund raising, please contact us

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